Test Review – Garmin 310XT Multisport GPS Watch

forerunner310XTI’ve been absolutely punishing this watch for the past 4 years. Seriously, I’ve taken it in 10ft surf, kayaking all over the world, in the snow, kayaking in minus temperatures and this watch just keeps going. I’ve replaced the watch band once because the rubber gets a little delicate after that much punishment.

If you have any questions after reading the review – feel free to post questions in the comments below. I answer everyone.

As a surf ski paddler or if you’re into kayaking the watch is also compatible with a watt meter. A company called “One Giant Leap” offer great options for paddling watt meters and can be found here.



One of the biggest attractions to the Garmin 310XT amongst triathlete/cycling athletes is the ability for the 310XT to accept power meter devices.  These are devices that measure a cyclists true effort of work as they exert energy to move the bike.

The Garmin 310XT sports watch is compatible with virtually any ANT+ Power Meter.  This includes models such as the Power Tap, SRM and Quarq Cinqo.  And, numerous other ANT+ power meters.


The Cinqo wirelessly transmits data to the 310XT, where it’s both displayed and recorded for later analysis.  From there you can view the data on Garmin Connect.


The heart rate monitor is not effective under water.

I’ve seen the GPS system lose it’s location and then find it again 40 metres away. I watched myself go from 14km/h to 78km/h until it caught upto the right location.

I did get a little moisture  under the screen recently, Their is no way to open the watch and dry it out if your not a pro.

I wish it had a better low battery warning, I’m a really busy guy and on at least three occasions i have ran out of battery during exercise. Perhaps a feature that shows battery life when i turn the watch off.



Accurately mostly within 6mteres

Compatible with most wattage meters

Long battery life approx 20 hours.

Strong night light in watch makes training in the dark or under water easy.

Attaches wirelessly to computer to download stats.

Using the watch as a training partner i enjoy the alert if the pace drops or the alerts if my target heart rate is too high or low. This feature really helps keep myself to the upper ceiling of my lactate threshold.

I know I have hands like an ape, but the watch band could be a little stronger, Every time i put it on i feel like i need to be a little delicate with it. But that could just be me.

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