How to Exercise at Home


How to Exercise at Home: Some of the Most Important Rules

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Going to the gym isn’t your thing or you simply don’t have the time, try to practice a sport out of your home? Don’t worry, working out at home can be as efficient, as joining a class or having a gym membership.

Many people refrain from working out at home due to the lack of knowledge or self-discipline. Still, creating the ideal routine is far from a challenging task. Wondering how to exercise at home? Keep on reading to discover some of the most important rules for successful home workouts.

How to Exercise at Home: The Basics

For a start, you’ll need to determine your fitness goal. It’s possible to do cardio workouts, strength training, yoga and pilates at home & many others. Your workout goals will enable the selection of the right routine, as well as the most appropriate home gym equipment.

You don’t have to buy numerous expensive pieces, in order to work out at home like a pro. A few sets of weights ( I use the Domyos 30kg kit Here), a yoga mat and an exercise bike will be sufficient for most people trying to get in a better shape. If you’re a bit more ambitious, you may consider buying a rowing machine, an elliptical machine, a bench or a home gym tower.

One of the most important rules is be consistent! Do your workout at least two to three times per week. If you exercise just once per week and you skip next weeks workouts, you’ll not see the results that you’re hoping for.

You don’t have to exercise six days per week. Still, come up with a schedule and stick to it.

Set Your Goals in Advance

Set small but realistic goals, if you want to learn how to exercise at home and be effective.

Having realistic goals will prevent you from feeling disappointed with the progress. Slow but steady weight loss is the healthiest and most sustainable one. The same applies to accumulating lean muscle mass.

Once you determine what you’re trying to achieve, you’ll get to choose the right mix of exercises.

The key to healthy home workouts is balance. According to the American Council of Exercise, the best workouts are three ñ strength training, interval training and cardio exercises. Switching between these routines will help you tone your body, increase your endurance and build muscle.

It can be Simple and Effective

The DIY exercise routine should correspond to your lifestyle, making it easy to work out whenever you have 20 minutes to spare. You don’t need fancy gym equipment and a shiny home gym in order to make it happen.

Many people are capable of getting in ideal shape by just owning a pair of weights or an exercise bike. There are dozens of exercises you can do without any equipment ñ jumping rope, jumping jacks, planks, burpees, pushups and lunges are very simple and incredibly effective.

Talk to a Personal Trainer

A personal trainer can help you come up with the routine that will be just right for your particular needs.

It’s very important to talk to a personal trainer if you have suffered certain injuries in the past. In this case, you’ll have to avoid particular exercises that can aggravate the condition. A personal trainer will take this specific in consideration when coming up with a unique routine for you.

A professional will also determine what exercises are best on the basis of the equipment that you own.

Make It Fun

Don’t stick to the same routine every single time that you work out. Exercise at home can be boring, if you don’t switch things up and have fun during the process. Using the exercise bike for an hour each time and watching a movie while doing that will sooner or later get old. In addition, your body will get used to the exercise ñ a fact that’s going to decrease the effectiveness.

Get your significant other involved in the exercise routine. You can also work out with your kids or a friend. Having someone to support you through the process will give you the inspiration to keep on going.

Home exercise can be highly effective, once you get in the habit and start pushing yourself a little bit harder each time. Be patient, start slow and make things more complex as you gain experience. Finally, don’t forget to take it outside whenever the whether is nice. Going to the park or having an urban jog is great for diversifying the routine and making it more satisfying.

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